Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I finally got a chance to read this article that everyone has been posting and re-posting over facebook.

My spirit is burning up.

This is what I went through. This is my blog in 11 pages. This has been the last half-decade of my life. I've always been too big to be a typical Asian but I've soaked in the culture long enough to absorb it's worst qualities. And this past half-decade has been my own Shinto purification.

If I could share but one dream I have, it's to be a guiding light for others who've been in my position. I want to pave a way out of the social hellhole into which our parents have led us. My iPod plays Kanye's "All of the Lights," Eminem's "No Love," Lupe's "The Show Goes On," Maino's "All the Above" continuously so that I can keep my spirit strong. When I see other Asians acting meekly and awkwardly, I want to slap them in the face. I don't want to punch and destroy them. I want to injure and awaken them. Don't go as far down the road as I did. Wake up! Wake the hell up!

Not just for Asian-Americans. For everyone who was ever told to keep your head down and shut up, for everyone whose opinions were trampled on, for every Korean who the church has burnt out with the disgusting social pressure, for every Chinese who watched their parents get shoved around and thought answering with financial success would ease the hurt in their souls, for the black and latino kids, the ones so many Asian parents deemed distasteful, the ones who society sees as unnatural when they pick up books and pens, for everyone who was told that they had to follow the destiny of their parents, I want to show you the way out.

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