Monday, December 23, 2013


The ancient Hebrews stressed the importance of remembrance and memorial. Time and time again, the Scriptures call out "Remember!" Remember the God who provided the sacrifice for Abraham, the one who rescued his people from Egypt, who raised up the judges and eventually David. Remember! When you find yourself beset by temptations and bewildered by the world around you, remember.

My exodus.

I embarked upon this journey 5 years ago to find myself. The decent white-collar job, the spacious apartment, I possessed all the accoutrements of genteel civility, but like so many others I felt unsatisfied.

Little by little, each seemingly unrelated decision, each action brought me closer to where I was supposed to be. Running and lifting became triathlons. Reading turned to writing. This journey continued.

As I look back on these 5 years, I want most to identify the places where I've strayed from the path. And why not? Only a fool makes the same mistake twice. But in my rush to identify what I've done wrong I find again a need to remember. Remember why I even begun. This journey was about self-discovery. And if I'm to go forward, that once again must become the aim.

"All knowledge is self-knowledge." -- Bruce Lee

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